her story


hey ya’ll, it’s your girl V! I’m a 30 year old latina, born and raised in south florida and currently living in oregon by way of philadelphia.

I'm a former practicing licensed massage therapist and esthetician turned certified athletic trainer currently helping elite level college and post-collegiate athletes prevent and recover from injury using exercise & nutrition.

now, it’s easy to think, ‘that’s one hell of a 180,’ but each of these have been manifestations of many of my lifelong passions...

see… I ‘ve struggled with breakouts since I was a child, so skincare has always been a big deal 'cause I'm just a girl that wants to feel comfortable in her own skin. Is that too much to ask?

so for me, beauty has always been about much more than just self-care; it's been a search for self-confidence.


now, speaking of self-care...despite having a hectic, time consuming career, I've always made it a priority to care for myself because ladies... we CANNOT keep trying to give from an empty bucket. 

one of my most loved forms of self-care is fitness. I literally LIVE to sweat (which definitely adds a hurdle to the clear skin journey!).

through the years I've learned to love my body for how it moves, the strength and resilience it exhibits, and the power it encompasses. 

I enjoy movement in all forms, but especially yoga and, within the last couple of years, crossfit.


It’s this deep-rooted love for fitness that led me to athletic training and took me down the road of learning how the body works, thereby becoming a specialist in using exercise and nutrition to not only heal the body; but to strengthen it, help keep it resilient, powerful, and balanced from the inside out..

I’ve used all my experiences, from school, to the office, my yoga mat, and the gym to fuel my creativity in keeping bodies strong.

about me skin

this is what led to the birth of she glows & flows.

I wanted a platform to encourage overall health and wellness for my busy ladies; to empower the modern, hustlin' woman to care for herself through movement, beauty, food & faith by sharing my knowledge, ideas, experiences, and even mistakes from my life, career, fitness/yoga journey, and my skincare routine(s) so she can move better, feel better, and look in the mirror with confidence.

to create a place where fitness, self-care & beauty can meet for my girls of color so we can glow a little brighter & flow a little smoother through life together.


thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it!đź’•

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