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Updated: Jun 17

what up ladies!

with the holidays coming up fast (let's take a moment to pause and reflect on how fast 2019 just zoomed right by us!😳) I tend to do a lil' extra to not only burn off a few extra calories from the yummy holiday eats, but also to make sure my new year's dress fits the way it's supposed to in all the right places if you know what I mean.😉

now with my background in athletic medicine and therapeutic exercise, when I create circuits, I usually try to make them functional in the sense that they target more than one muscle group, and they are translatable to activities of daily living; that way I'm not just getting a good burn🔥, but I'm building functional strength that can help keep my body healthy when doing things like running, lifting (both in the gym and in everyday life), and even strengthening my yoga practice.🤸🏻‍♀️

so here's a core circuit that I've been incorporating lately. It can be done at the gym or at home, all you need is your body and a timer.

let's do it!

straight leg bicycle crunches

start on your back with your hands interlaced behind your head. lift your shoulders off the ground while staying relaxed in your neck. lift both legs up towards the ceiling in a straight legged position. stay engaged through your core to keep your lower back glued to the ground. lower your right leg while reaching your right elbow towards your left leg. focus on moving from the torso to twist and reach. DO NOT put strain on your neck while you twist. continue alternating twisting opposite elbow to opposite knee for 30 seconds.

3-way plank with leg lifts

start in a high plank position. push through your palms, roll your shoulder blades down your back, engage your core by drawing your belly button towards your spine, and stay strong through your legs. keeping your core engage alternate lifting each leg by squeezing your glute of the leg you're lifting. keep your core engaged during this so you don't arch through your back to get the motion. continue this for 20 seconds.

from here transition into a side plank. using your core to stay lifted and stable, use the strength of your hip/glute to lift your top leg. lift and lower for 20 seconds before switching sides and repeating on the other side for another 20 seconds for a minute total of work.

hollow body rocks

start on your back. engage through your core by gluing your lower back to the ground. extend your legs and arms away from you. only let your legs drop as far down as you can keep your lower back grounded. from this position, use the strength of your core to rock forward and back with control while keeping your arms by your ears and legs strong and straight.

complete for 30 seconds.

gliding plank pikes

now if you're going this circuit at home these can be done on a wood floor and all you need is socks or a towel to slide on. If you're at the gym that only has rubber floors, you can replicate it by putting your feet on the seat of a rowing machine, hook your feet into TRX bands, or doing what I did here by rolling out a smooth mat to glide on.

starting in a plank position, keeping your legs straight and strong use the strength of your core to glide your feet up towards your hands and lift your hips until you're in a pike position. with control glide your feet back until you're in a plank.

complete for 30 seconds.

perform each of these one after the other with no rest in between each. after 4 rounds total your 10 minute timer should go off.

happy ab burn y'all!🔥

thanks so much for reading today and I hope this circuit challenges you!

feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.💕

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