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Updated: Mar 20

what's good y'all!

I hope everybody is enjoying the holidays so far, filled with fun, food, and family.

as enjoyable as being around our loved ones during the holidays and savoring all the yummy treats can be, it can no doubt sometimes feel like a stressor too; between entertaining family and friends that may be visiting, or maybe it's you that are doing the visiting, it can definitely knock us off of our normal routine.

and while I don't think it's necessary to spend hours slavin' away at the gym while your folks are in town, I do understand the want--or even need--to move for the sake of our physical and mental sanity.

so here are two short and simple, but sweaty crossfit inspired, full-body circuits that can be done in the comfort of your own home so you don't have to skip out on time with the familia.

for one all you need is a pair of moderate weight dumbbells, and the other there's no equipment necessary.

let's have some fun!

circuit #1 (with dumbbells):

15 minute amrap (as many rounds/reps as possible)

complete all of the reps of each movement in this order with no rest.

move with a purpose and see how many total rounds (and any extra reps) you can get done within the allotted time.

10 dumbbell thrusters

bring the dumbbells up to your shoulders so that one of the bells is resting at your shoulders. keeping your core tight and chest tall, squat down and use the strength of your glutes and legs to stand up and press the dumbbells overhead.

20 front rack dumbbell lunges

with the dumbbells resting on your shoulders, keep your chest tall and core tight while you lunge forward, making sure your knee does not travel past your toe. step back and and repeat on the other side. keep going until you've completed ten lunges with each leg.

10 v-ups

start laying on your back. extend your arms above your head and use the strength of your core to lift your head and shoulders off the ground while lifting your legs off the ground so your hands meet your feet in the middle.

circuit #2 (equipment free):

20 minute emom (every minute on the minute)

complete the prescribed movement within the minute listed and rest the remainder of the minute before moving on to the next movement in the following minute. complete all 5 minutes and repeat for 4 rounds for a total of 20 minutes.

min 1: 20 air squats + 20 squat jumps

start with your feet shoulder distance apart and feet slightly turned out. sit your hips back while keeping your chest tall and core tight until you've reached at least a 90 degree bend at your knees. use the strength of your glutes and legs to stand back up. after completing 20 reps, go directly into squat jumps, executing the squats in the same way but exploding up out of the squat. land with soft knees.

these can also be done with a mini resistance band around your knees to up the intensity.

min 2: 15 push ups

start in a high plank position with your hands stacked underneath your shoulders. keeping your core tight and elbows in, lower your body towards the ground. try to lower yourself until your elbows are at 90 degrees or until your chest touches the ground.

If it's too difficult to perform from the high plank position this can also be done from the knees.

min 3: 30 jump lunges

start standing. step one foot forward and lower into a lunge, making sure your knee does not past your toe. use the strength of your legs and glutes to explode up and switch feet mid air so you land back in a lunge with your opposite leg in front.

min 4: 10-15 floor hamstring curls

start laying on your back with your knees bend. engage your core and squeeze through your glutes, and push through your heels to lift your hips. keeping your glutes active and hips lifted slide your heels out until your body is almost in a straight line. use the strength of your hamstrings and glutes to slide your heels back inward.

this can be done with socks on a hard wood or tile surface or with your feet on a towel.

min 5: 40 second plank hold or hollow body rock

plank: with straight arms and straight, active legs, engage your core by drawing your belly button to your spine and push through your hands. hold for allotted time.

hollow body rock: start on your back. engage through your core by gluing your lower back to the ground. extend your legs and arms away from you. only let your legs drop as far down as you can keep your lower back grounded. from this position, use the strength of your core to rock forward and back with control while keeping your arms by your ears and legs strong and straight.

have fun sweatin'!

thanks so much for reading and feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.💕

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