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hey y'all! by now you've probably been experiencing fall weather at its fullest, unless you live in the southern california, texas, or florida. LOL! with that, the temperature change and darker days often time bring the sniffles, lethargy, and moodiness. 🤒😴😔

so this is a great time to start loading up on key nutrients to try to prevent as much of that as possible. and while I'm a huge advocate for getting vitamins through the food we eat, I do understand that sometimes supplementing is important to fill those nutritional gaps.

here are three vitamins to help keep you running at your best through the weather change!

vitamin d3

this is an example of a vitamin that is crucial to supplement this time of year. vitamin d is sometimes referred to as 'the sunshine vitamin'🌞. It's produced by our body's response to being in the sun. It plays vital roles in bone health, supporting the immune system, and mental health. one of the biggest reasons to take vitamin d during the fall and winter is to help prevent developing seasonal depression. the darker days mean we're not producing as much naturally, so we can start experiencing sadness, drowsiness, and start to feel slowed down because of it.

the lack of vitamin d can also lead to weaker bones over time, making the possibility of injury higher with high impact workouts; more reason to make sure we're keeping our vitamin d levels in check!

an added benefit, supplementing with vitamin d can also help reduce the chances of catching the flu.

try to take between 1000-4000 IUs per day to help stay energized and happy!😊

this one pictured is from Swolverine. It provides 1500 IUs of d3. I've been taking it daily and can definitely say that my energy levels are much higher now compared to years past that I've been living in the pacific northwest.

vitamin c

now I know we've all heard at some point that we need to take vitamin c to help prevent from getting sick in the winter. and rightfully so! vitamin c is a powerful antioxidant so it helps fight free radicals and inflammation in our bodies. more inflammation means higher chances of developing illnesses. less inflammation means a stronger and healthier body!💪🏼

plus vitamin c promotes the production of collagen in our bodies. collagen helps keep our skin hydrated which is a must in cold weather.

the best sources of vitamin c are citrus fruits like strawberries, pineapple, and kiwi. but with it being fall, and eating seasonal fruits and veggies being better for the environment (and our wallets💸), best bets are kale, brussel sprouts, pears, peppers, and pomegrantes.


zinc, and its benefits, is often overlooked when in reality it is vital for proper immune function. this time of year zinc is great for preventing a cold, or shortening it if you already have one. who wouldn't love that!? to top it off, zinc can help prevent breakouts and heal the nasty wounds left from picking at them (GUILTY!🙋🏻‍♀️) If those aren't great selling points to make sure we're getting enough of this mineral then I don't know what are!

some of the best food sources of zinc are beef, nuts, and seeds. since it's fall, bring out the pumpkin seeds!🎃

zinc is also sold in lozenge form, like these from Nature's Way, that when taken within 24 hours of experiencing cold symptoms, they can help shorten the duration of the virus!

I hope you've found this helpful in your quest to beat cold and flu season this year!

thanks for reading and feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.💕

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