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few things beat curling up in bed or on the couch with a good book to relax and unwind.

for the last few months I've been on a serious reading tip. I dove so deep into the habit so quickly that I've already committed to a barnes & noble membership. LOL!

I've replaced watching tv before bed with reading a chapter in whatever the flavor of the month is. and lately I've been really drawn to the uplifting, 'rah rah, you got this' kind of books. some of them were recommended to me, others I found as I joyfully walked up and down the aisles of the bookstore, spending what seemed to be like hours before I could make a choice.

so, here are the few that I've completed for the last few months whose pages really stuck with me.

the alchemist

although a fiction book, the lessons in this story are very applicable to us in the real world. my favorite quote from this book is, 'to realize one's destiny is a person's only obligation.' It tells the story of a young shepard boy who keeps dreaming the same dream but, he always wakes up before it ends. It's this curiosity to see the dream through to the end that causes him to go places he's never been and do things that he's never done. and while his journey was far from a smooth, or quick one; spending months and years in places along the way, losing everything he had at some point to only gain it back ten fold in the end. this book definitely has a way to stir up the want to follow your dreams, while encouraging you to persevere through the challenges along the way.

It's honestly a keeper and, I would venture to say that each time you read it, you'll probably get something different out of it.

girl, stop apologizing

this is probably one of the realest books I've read to date. her honesty permeates through all of the pages with her advice on what it takes to achieve your goals, from excuses to let go of, behaviors to adopt, and skills to acquire; all while quoting a few hip-hop lyrics here and there which I can really appreciate. she provides some pretty valuable tools and tips to help you visualize what your goal is, make a realistic, step-by-step outline on what it would take to get to said end goal, and even dives in how the habits we exhibit in life are reflected in how we go about achieving our goals. and while there are definitely a lot of references in regards to being a mother while goal getting, her advice can be applied to just about anyone's life.

these next three books are faith based books and have not only helped me gain confidence and believe in my dreams, but have also connected the dots to how my dreams and confidence come from God, thereby playing a part in strengthening my relationship with Him.

believe bigger

man....this book was so good I had to read it twice. and the second time I took notes! I felt so led to this book--like when I was reading it, I felt like she was speaking directly to me--that I didn't want to miss ANYTHING it had to tell me. she opens up with one of the most devastating things that can happen to anyone, finding out a week before her wedding that her fiancé is cheating on her with his ex. and really elaborates on how that experience catapulted her into her success today.

we would never think that it's our struggles that may lead to our success but, she reassures us that God can use absolutely anything in your life for His glory and to touch the lives of others and fulfill your purpose in life. she goes into great detail with what she calls 'the purpose map', which contains five stages. she breaks down the five stages of the map into smaller pieces to help you not only find out what you're passionate about, but what life experiences have molded you and, caused you to create your own growth ceiling without even realizing it. from there she guides you how to break down those ceilings. there are pages to write things out and brainstorm, making it an interactive read here and there as well. reading this book really does require you to be vulnerable and real with yourself and your life so it can get real deep real quick if you let it. so be ready!

pull it off

when I saw this book I was like, 'welp, I know she's confident and comfortable in her skin because she is rockin' the hell out of that funky colored dress she got on!' this was actually the first book I read when I began my nightly reading journey. I was really looking for answers on what in the world I'm doing with my life and I was hoping God would speak to me through the pages of christian living books.

I would be lying if I said I didn't struggle with confidence and this book really encouraged me to own who I am, ALL of who I am, no matter if it doesn't make sense to the world. she breaks it down into three parts: authority, identity, and security. she then does a deep dive on why we make decisions rooted in fear in regards to these three things and encourages us to not only lean into our uniqueness, but to accept ourselves fully for who God made us to be; because God accepts us for who we are and honestly.. there's no one else in the world quite like you.

change your thoughts, change your world

I absolutely love how action based this book is. at the end of every chapter there's a verse to mediate on, a question to ponder, and a discipline to practice. some of these disciplines are things that I still practice, and I don't see them going anywhere.

he really goes into detail on how our thought life affects the living out of our lives. now this isn't your typical 'manifest whatever you want' kind of books at all but, he really hammers perspective, and how perspective can change everything.

he breaks the book down into 12 chapters, which are essential 12 trains of thought to adopt. they include things like 'my life is a result of my thinking', and 'every loss and challenge is a doorway to a better version of me'. at the end of the chapter is where he goes into how each of these thoughts are rooted in biblical principles and how we can live them out.

just a couple of habits I've gained from this book are starting each day with writing down five things I'm thankful for, and also writing out my goals DAILY. he even has you breaking it down into specifics. every day write out spiritual, friends & family, financial, vocational, and physical goals, and ending with writing out what you want to accomplish for the day, and saying a quick prayer over your day and life.

It's been so interesting to see how not only have I been accomplishing what I set out to do that day, but it seems to be happening in a more effortless fashion.

thanks so much for reading today! I hope you've found this helpful if you've been looking for a good book, or two, to uplift your spirits and revive your passions for living and dream chasing.

feel free to hit me up if you have any questions and I'd love to hear your thoughts if you decided to read any of these.

talk soon!💕

all of these books can be found at barnes & noble, but I have respectively linked them for your convenience if you'd like to check them out.

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