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It's time to summertime vibe...

**que in dj jazzy jeff & mick boogie's 'summertime' mixtapes in the background**

because we're all just startin' to get used to navigating our way through society again, we probably don't have any plans to kick it on a potentially crowded beach on the fourth of july, hit up a concert, or head to a county fair anytime soon but, that doesn't mean we won't be enjoying our time in the sun!

...soakin' up the rays in our backyards or on the top floor of our apartment buildings; workin' on trying to get some color back after what seemed to be the longest winter ever.

and while I'm sure we're all excited about getting outside again, we GOTTA make sure we're taking the essential steps to keep our skin safe from the increased sun exposure; first of which being sunscreen.

It's no secret what the effect(s) of the sun's UV rays have on our skin, from burning to premature aging to skin cancer which is why wearing sunscreen daily--especially during peak hours which are from about 10am to 4pm--regardless of our skin tone is one of the MOST NECESSARY aspects of our skincare routines to keep our skin healthy.

now, there are two types of sunscreen on the market: chemical and physical.

over the last couple of years, companies and brands have been straying away from making chemical sunscreens--which use the chemicals to absorb sun rays--due to the potential negative health effects from absorption through the skin and into the blood stream that are beginning to be linked to the chemical ingredients used through FDA research.

the most common active ingredients used in chemical sunscreens are oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate, or octinoxate.

physical sunscreens on the other hand use minerals--most common ones being zinc oxide and titanium dioxide--to block and reflect sun rays because the minerals just sit on top of the skin. there's no absorption happening thereby making them safer to use. but, because there's no absorption, these are the lotions that can sometimes seem to leave a thin white film on skin when we put them on.

that aside, here are a few of the most highly rated physical sunscreens on the market to help keep skin healthy all year round (because those pesky UV rays like to sneak through the clouds during other seasons too).

but, I wanted to go a step further and not only provide you with those made with minerals, but also, that have no harmful ingredients to you, your skin, or the environment like parabens, sulfates, etc. all while being under $20!

'cause I stay tryin' to ball on a budget, feel me?

thinksport safe sunscreen everyday face - SPF 30

although the title boasts 'sport' this is actually an every occasion kind of sunscreen; upgraded with vitamins c and e to nourish skin. It's lightly tinted to help reduce that thin white film that I mentioned earlier minerals have the tendency to cause and making it easier to blend with an array of skin tones. It's also 100% vegan and cruelty free.

for my mamas, they also offer a baby safe, PABA-free option as well.

sun bum mineral sunscreen lotion - SPF 50

while this one does leave a bit of that white residue on your skin due to the minerals, it's dermatologist tested to be non-greasy & hypoallergenic; meaning it doesn't clog pores which can lead to breakouts.

they also offer a spray formula great for athletes, those participating in rec sports/activites, or for those who'd rather not have the feeling of sunscreen on their hands.

alba botanica fragrance free sunscreen lotion - SPF 30

a great option for those whose skin is more on the sensitive side because it's formulated WITHOUT any synthetic fragrances but WITH aloe vera, green tea, and chamomile; all of which help sooth and calm irritated skin.

unsun cosmetics body sunscreen - SPF 15

enriched with shea butter to moisturize and essential oils like primrose and lavender for overall skin hydration, this sunscreen is also tinted to help blend better with all skin tones without the white residue.

black girl sunscreen broad spectrum - SPF 30

formulated with women of color in mind, this sunscreen not only goes on sheer to ensure there's no white film left over from minerals, it's filled with ingredients like avocado, jojoba, cacao, and carrot juice to address and prevent the hyperpigmentation and dark spots that excessive sun exposure to UV rays can cause on melanated skin, all while also being fragrance-free.


babo bototanicals lip tint conditioner - SPF 15

because the skin on our lips is the thinnest and most sensitive of all the skin we have on our bodies so, it needs some SPF love too while moisturizing with organic shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, and jojoba oil. It comes with a variety of tints like seka rose, crimson rose, plum rose, and beach rose.

let the fun in the sun commence!🌞

tip: remember to lather up a minimum of 15 minutes before going outside, and reapply every two hours if remaining outdoors.

If you're sweating or playing in the water be sure to reapply about every 80 minutes as that's normally how long water resistance lasts for most sunscreens.

thanks so much for reading today. hope you've found this post helpful as we soak up the long, beautiful, sunny summer days.

talk soon!🖤

P.S. all products above have been linked for your convenience if you'd like to look into them further.

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