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Updated: Jun 17

hey everybody! as summer comes to an end and we get back to our hustle, whether it be school, work, or both, stress levels can sometimes have the tendency to creep back up. between keeping up with our schedules, completing our to-do lists, and still trying to squeeze in 'life' it's easy to get overwhelmed.

stress can have some nasty side effects on both our bodies and minds if we don't take time to decompress and replenish our empty cups.

so here are a few relaxing yoga poses to help ease the tensions in your mind and body before bed to help promote a restful night's sleep, and keep stress levels down so you can tackle each day with energy and peace!

child's pose

starting on all fours push your hips back to meet your feet. you can keep your knees hip distance apart if you want to focus on your back or widen your knees further to release more through your hips.

relax your head. breathe deeply into any tightness you may feel in your hips and lower back. hold for 5 deep breaths.

puppy pose

from child's pose slide your arms forward until your hips lift. let your chest sink towards your bed, and breathe deeply into your chest and shoulders. you can rest either your forehead or chin on the bed depending on comfort. hold for 5 deep breaths.

gentle chest opener

from puppy pose slide until you're laying flat on your stomach. extend one arm to the side and use your other arm to rotate your body up and over until your shoulders are stacked on top of one another. breathe into any tension you feel in your chest and shoulder. hold for 5 deep breaths and then switch sides.

reclined twist

start laying on your back. hug one knee in while your other leg stays extended. guide your knee across your body using your hand. breathe into your lower back and hip. don't force the stretch! let gravity do the work for you. hold for 5 deep breaths and then switch sides.

active TFL/IT band stretch

start laying on your back with your knees bent, and feet hip distance apart. cross one ankle over your opposite knee and let your legs fall to the side of your foot that's still planted. take your hand and guide your ankle up towards your chest while actively pushing your knee away from you. breathe into your hip and IT band. hold for 5 deep breaths before you carefully unwind and switch sides.

happy baby

hug your knees in towards your chest and grab the outside of each of your feet. with your arms inside of your knees, pull your feet down like you're trying to guide your knees to your armpits. relax through your shoulders and keep your neck long. breath into any tension in your hips and back. hold for 5 deep breaths.

reclined bound angle

once you release from happy baby, lay on your back with your feet together and let your knees fall out to each side. you can keep your arms by your side or place one hand over your heart and the other over your belly. take deep breaths to release any tension in your hips and groin. hold for 5 deep breaths.

legs up the wall

finally, slide your hips to the end of your bed or bed frame. lift your legs and let them rest against the wall to encourage blood flow back to your heart. breathe into any tensions you may feel throughout your body. hold for 5 deep breaths.

that's all for today! I hope these poses help ease your mind and body as we get back to our busy schedules.

thanks for reading and feel free to hit me up if you have any questions!<3

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