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Updated: Apr 4

and then it happened...the city mandated that the crossfit gym I go to had to close its doors due to controlling the spread of the coronavirus. I know I'm not alone in this, and a lot of people around the country have been without a gym for some time now so they have reverted to at-home workouts.

the owner of my gym has been doing a fantastic job sending us workouts that we can do at home using limited equipment (like one dumbbell, one kettlebell, or a jump rope) so, I can honestly say that I'm very blessed to have some form of continuity in my workouts during this time in quarantine, but a lot of people may not be able to say that same.

now, I know people can normally be intimidated by crossfit, I mean I was before I started a lil' over two years ago. the movements can look complicated, and it looks like everything has to be heavy but, that's not the case. crossfit is all about functional movement. and some of the most functional movements around are the simplest. crossfit just takes those movements and puts them into a format that increases intensity to build strength, endurance, and get an awesome heart pumpin' sweat while you're at it. what's even better is that sometimes the workouts don't even take that long!

so, today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite at-home crossfit workouts that can be done by anyone, anytime (not just when we're being quarantined). I've done these in the past and they really work up a great sweat, get your heart rate goin', and leave you with that satisfying 'yeah, I worked out yesterday' soreness the next day. the best part is you don't need any real fancy equipment for these, just a mat, the timer on your phone, a kettlebell, and a jump rope.

DISCLAIMER: I did not personally write any of these workouts, they were pulled from well known crossfit workout sources like WODwell. I do however list certain modifications I've made during some of the workouts when I didn't have everything needed for them to be done as written.

I remember the first time I did this workout was when I was on christmas break. I didn't have a kettlebell available to me nor was the room I did the workout in big enough to do a 10 meter break crawl. If you find yourself in the same predicament, what I did instead was 20 jump squats in place of the kettlebell swings and, 30 seconds of mountain climbers in place of the bear crawls.

for the sit-up technique in crossfit, bring your feet to touch and have your knees wide (think butterfly position). see below for sit up & kettlebell swing demos.


kettlebell swings

during the 90 seconds of jump rope, it's your choice as to whether you want to do regular jump rope (single unders) or, practice double unders.

for the reps, in regards to the lunges, the amount listed is the total reps completed for both legs.

push-ups can always be modified to be done from the knees if necessary.

see below for jump rope demo(s).

if you don't have a jump rope, just do mini hops in place for 90 seconds.



for this workout, it's recommended that the ladies use a 24kg (or 53lb) kettlebell, if that's too heavy for you or you don't have one that heavy, feel free to make it lighter!

start with two burpees and then use the remainder of the minute to complete the kettlebell swings until the next minute, start the next minute with two burpees and again follow with swings. keep repeating until you've done the 100 kettlebell swings.


It's so simple but so deadly.. don't underestimate the burn of doing 250 bodyweight squats! try to take the least amount of breaks as possible!

now, I don't know about you but, my living room or garage aren't that big to walk 100 feet so basically I just did this but shortening the walk from one end of the room to the other. definitely added a challenge since the break isn't as long between the two movements!

see below for goblet squat demo.

goblet squat

thanks so much for reading today! I hope you've found this helpful to keep you moving and sweating throughout the week during this quarantine. If you decide to try them be sure to shoot me a message! and if you do them more than once, try to beat your time!

feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.

talk soon!💕

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