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Updated: Apr 2

a substance that used to have a negative connotation attached to it has taken over the health and wellness industry by storm...cannabis.

ever since the legalization of marijuana a few years ago, products derived from hemp, cannabis, and CBD (and the oils they produce) have been poppin' up everywhere you look. they have been marketed to help anything from controlling inflammation and pain, reducing stress and anxiety, inducing better sleep and, as of late, for making potentially awesome skincare.

the main claims that have been made in regards to cannabis (and cannabis oil) in skincare products have be calm redness and inflammation, thereby helping to keep acne under wraps (which ya girl is ALWAYS lookin' to keep breakouts to a minimum!🙅🏻‍♀️), and being filled with natural fatty acids which hydrate skin without being greasy or clogging pores.

now, since clear and hydrated skin are two keys to THE GLOW, you know this ingredient had to make its way onto my skincare vanity.

to introduce myself to the cannabis world I opted to try a cannabis moisturizer, hydrating face mask, and lip jelly.

here's how it's gone so far:

high five cannabis facial moisturizer

at first touch this moisturizer feels a lot thicker than the average 'light and airy' lotion I would normally reach for. although it is on the thicker side, when I put it on it doesn't feel very heavy by any means, which is clutch for mixing well with my sunscreen and not clogging my pores or, making my face feel like a grease ball. with it being on the denser side, this moisturizer does make a great choice for the colder months when your skin needs that lil' extra hydration oomph. now while I can't necessarily say that it's helped lessen my breakouts, I will say that it DEFINITELY helps calm the redness and inflammation associated with active flare ups which gets a high five in my book!

inc.redible 'just kinda bliss' lip jelly

I had no idea what to expect from a cannabis infused 'lip jelly', but in all honesty, the lip balm you have now is going to do you just as good as this one; there was nothing outstanding or extraordinary about its moisturizing capabilities.

It definitely has a thicker texture than most lip balms; feels 'jelly' like, and unfortunately it's heavily fragranced. It almost feels like I'm putting perfume on my lips. so there absolutely no need in going all out like I did and getting a lip balm infused with cannabis.

origins 'hello, calm' face mask

this mask was a very pleasant surprise! It's not a thick mask by any means; has a nice scent and for sure makes skin say 'hello, calm'. It goes on smoothly, you wait 10 minutes, and then wipe off with a damp towel rather than wash it off.

I first used it when my skin was royally & hormonally pissed off from that dreaded time of the month. It was getting dry in some areas while breaking out in others...I just needed something to soothe my face and this did the job nicely! the drier spots were definitely more moisturized, but without feeling heavy or greasy, and the redness associated with the breakouts was normalized. I would for sure buy this again to use as a quick 'pick me up'.

so, if you've been curious about the cannabis craze, I hope you've found this helpful.

that's all I got today! thanks so much for reading.

talk soon!💕

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