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Updated: Apr 7

lately, I've really been diggin' skincare products that are busting myths about what ingredients should and should not be mixed together. so after finishing drunk elephant's a-passioni & c-firma mixture,another duo has made it's way into my routine over the last month...

youth to the people's (YTTP) AHA exfoliation power toner and vitamin c loaded superberry dream mask!

I've used each of these products individually over the past several months. the power toner in the summer to keep increased dead skin cells from sweaty workouts in hot weather-- therefore increased breakouts--under wraps, and the dream mask throughout this past winter to help keep dryness that normally comes with cold temperatures--which can lead to a lackluster complexion--at bay.

now, the general thought in the beauty world is that acids and vitamin c shouldn't be mixed in one sitting for reasons like, potential skin irritation, and/or the pH level of each ingredient causes them to cancel each other out. so normally, it's recommended to use vitamin c during the day along with an spf, and exfoliating acids at night.

YTTP counteracted this thought process by encouraging the use of the power toner, which is filled with lactic and glycolic acids to wipe away dead skin cells and promote cell turnover--revealing healthy skin--to prep the skin to receive the vitamin c in the dream mask that helps brighten skin tone and lighten dark spots.

ya girl can use all of the dead skin removal and brightening I can get to keep these breakouts in check and lighten these post acne scars!

on a scientific note, what makes their vitamin c different is that they use THD ascorbate, which has been researched and found to be much more stable when compared to popular formulations like L-ascorbic acid. THD can handle being exposed to air and water because it is fat soluable unlike L-ascorbic acid that breaks down very quickly when exposed to oxygen, making it ineffective (explains why it has to be kept in an air tight container and must be used within 3-4 months after opening for optimum potency).

so, below is my one month progress on how my skin has changed while using the power duo in both full face and up-close-and-personal unfiltered 'I woke up like dis' pictures taken on my iphone each morning:

YTTP RECOMMENDED TIP: when using the duo, make sure you give the power toner a couple of minutes for the acids to work their magic before applying the dream mask.

morning after day one

so this is how my face started out.. I have some breakouts and some red marks from breakouts that I'm hoping to clear up with the duo. It's mainly on the right side of my chin and smile line.

week one

there's some fading of old breakouts, some new ones poppin' up but nothin' too major to going on. In regards to texture, my face definitely feels softer in general and my pores are starting to look a bit smaller.

week 2

alright now.. I haven't used a daily acid in a long while before I added this duo in so, I don't know if the AHAs are just purging my skin--which tends to happen with new skincare because the ingredients in the products draw out impurities that have been hiding out in your pores--or it's because I'm on my cycle this week but, my face is on full outbreak mode in the same right sided area around my mouth and chin. In other news, the rest of my face is still feelin' soft and smooth like it did last week. let's hope and pray that this little area follows suit soon.

week 3

thank goodness! the purge is starting to calm down. there are only a few active breakouts in that same area. the rest of them are drying it out i'm left with a few post-breakout marks that I'm hoping the acids in the power toner will clear up. overall, week by week my skin seems to be getting brighter and it's super soft to the touch.

end of week 4

so. much. better! I'm so happy my skin is continuing to heal and the post breakout marks are fading. there are a few very small breakouts left but not nearly as bad as the purge that my skin was going through two weeks ago. my pores are continuing to get tighter overall which is always nice because my pores have always been on the bigger side 'cause you know...grease.

and when I wake up my skin is definitely glowing, but not in the 'my face got really oily overnight' kind of way. LOL.

moral of the story, always make sure that when you start new products or a new routine, stick it out for AT LEAST one month as it takes 28 days for your skin cells to turnover and for the fresh ones to come to the surface. so, what you're experiencing mid-way could be the ingredients purging your skin from impurities that were hiding out in your pores.

that's all for today! thanks so much for reading. feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.

talk soon!💕

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