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what up beauties! now that fall is officially here the color schemes change in our homes, closets, and even our make-up bag. we go from summery pinks and neon yellows to deeper reds, purples, and browns. the broad range of autumn colors gives us so much freedom to play with lipsticks for different occasions in our life, whether it be in the office, mimosas with the girls, or date night with bae. and lately since I've been transitioning all of my skincare to clean beauty products I thought it was a great time to explore clean beauty make up as well.

It was in this hunt that I came across these bite beauty liquid lipsticks.

I found them at sephora. they're made with all-natural and organic ingredients so of course, they wear the 'clean at sephora' badge with pride. they go on super smooth and creamy because instead of using silicones as fillers they use coconut oil and monoi butter.

no matter the shade, the color is bold so you don't have to put on 17 layers before it actually looks like the color on the bottle. LOL! the color is also pretty long lasting. I find that throughout an entire day I've only had to reapply once (insert happy dance here 💃🏽).

there are so many colors to choose from in their line up but, here are three of my favorites. 😘

left to right: cava, supreme, marsala

work lipstick: cava

this shade is a part of bite beauty's 'unearthed' collection so its inspiration comes from freshly picked root vegetables.

I think it's great for during the work day because with it being a nude/beige color it looks very natural, but it has a nice twist because it boasts a super subtle light purple tint. so it's like your lips, but with a little spunk.

play lipstick: supreme




those are the perfect ways to describe this shade. depending on the lighting it may look red, but in actuality it's a deep fuschia. it's loud and playful. the kind of lipstick that makes you just want to have a good time with the girls!

night lipstick: marsala

this shade goes down the dark and mysterious road. it's silky and seductive. with the color being inspired from black raspberries it's the kind of color that would make a sexy imprint on your wine glass while you're on a candlelit date.

oh! and little tip for you: before I apply any lipstick I use biossance's vegan rose lip balm as a base so my lips stay hydrated under the color. ☺️

also, to keep your lips baby soft as the weather gets colder, and so your lip products go on smoothly check out my previous post on an easy DIY lip scrub.😘

that's all for today!

thanks for reading and feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.💕

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