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aight ya'll! fall is officially in full swing, so we get to enjoy the pretty foliage while it gets chilly out. as we embrace the season that's upon us, it's time to revamp our skincare routines to protect our skin from drying out because of the cold air. here are a few of my favorite clean beauty products to help beat dry skin from head to toe!

shea moisture manuka honey & yogurt body wash

one of the first things I do when it starts to get cold out is switch my body wash from a gel based to a cream based wash like this one.

honey has been known for hydrating skin and with that being one of its main ingredients, this body wash definitely does just that. It's super gentle, and it cleanses without stripping your skin which is awesome in preventing dryness in the fall weather. plus it has vitamin c which helps keep your skin glowin'!

shea moisture manuka honey & yogurt body scrub

speaking of gentle, although exfoliating is still an important step in your skincare routines regardless of the season; the strength of the exfoliation should change accordingly. this scrub is cream based just like the body wash. It's way more gentle than a sugar scrub but still leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. I use it about once or twice a week to give my skin a little boost.

the body shop almond milk & honey hand cream

I don't know about you but, I have to wash my hands A LOT throughout the day, especially at work. so my hands have the tendency to get very dry. this cream is awesome because it definitely moisturizes (and it the moisture lasts!!!) but it's super light so it doesn't feel heavy or slippery when you put it on. also, a little goes a long way with this so even though the bottle is small, it lasts for longer than you would expect.

biossance rose vegan lip balm

oh the plague of chapped lips in cool weather! while I use a DIY lip scrub to smooth away flakes and soften my lips; I LOVE to use this lip balm afterwards so it can really sink in and work its magic. I also use it every morning and night. It really does a great job of keeping my lips hydrated throughout the day. It even allows lipstick to go on smooth and the color still lasts when used as a base.

youth to the people adaptogen deep moisture cream

I cannot rave enough about this company and their products! while I do have oily skin so I normally lean towards the lighter moisturizers, when it gets cold out the one area that does get super dry is my neck. this cream has been able to help both of my issues so far this fall. It has done wonders at soothing my dry neck while also keeping my oily face balanced and hydrated. I use it at night while still using their superfood hyaluronic acid moisturizer during the day.

ren clean skincare clean screen mineral spf 30

now just because the sun is slowly going on hiatus doesn't mean we shouldn't still use sunscreen! this one is awesome because it's a mineral sunscreen so it doesn't use any harsh chemicals. It's also mattifying so great for keeping that oily skin shine at bay. compared to other mineral sunscreens it's not super cakey and doesn't leave that heavy white film on your skin which is definitely a win!

thanks so much for reading today! these are all my honest opinions on products that I actually use myself. I am not sponsored by any of these companies for my reviews. 😊

feel free to hit me up if you have any questions! 💕

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