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Updated: Jun 17

hey y'all! so I'm not a huge green juice person, but lately I've been experimenting with it because I feel like early fall is a great time to reset our bodies from all the food fun we have in the summer. :)

I've been trying out different in-season fruit and veggie combos until I find one that is as tasty as it is nutritious. It was in the midst of this search that I got inspired, oddly enough, by my facewash! LOL! I use the youth to the people superfood cleanser, and the main ingredients listed on the bottle are kale, spinach, green tea, and 'vitamins'. so as I was washing my face, I looked at the bottle and thought to myself, 'hmmm...that low key sounds tasty!'

to fill in the 'vitamins' gap of the ingredient list I decided to use green grapes, chia seeds, and raw almonds. I chose green grapes because for one they're a fall fruit, but also they're high in vitamin c, vitamin k, and b vitamins. chia seeds are a great source of omega-3s, and raw almonds are packed with protein, good fats, and vitamin e.

sound like something you'd like to try?

here's what you'll need:

-1 handful of spinach

-1 handful of baby kale

-12-16oz of steeped green tea, chilled (depending on how much juice you' d like to make)

-1 1/2 cup of green grapes

-2 tbsp of chia seeds

-1 oz of raw almonds (about 28 nuts)

blend and enjoy immediately. :)

I hope that you enjoy my skincare inspired green juice!

thanks for reading and feel free to hit me up if you have any questions. <3

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