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Updated: Mar 20

It's time to work off that halloween candy ladies!!

now I have this habit (as silly as it may be) that every time I have a little too much fun eating, the next day I like to do some extra glute work to make the calories go straight to DAT a**!🍑LOL!😂

so naturally, what better way to melt away those chocolate calories than with a serious glute burn!😜

because let's be honest, who doesn't love a good booty pump?😏

this month's workout routine is a progression to september's 'get your glutes in gear!' meant to build and strengthen your glutes, from all angles, in a more challenging fashion while continuing the theme of building functional strength to support you in the gym and in daily life.💪🏼

so let's get to it!

shoulder and foot elevated single leg hip thrust

very similar to the original single leg hip thrust, but this time instead of your foot being on the ground, it's up on another bench or box. this is meant to deepen the range of motion of your hip hinge making it a tougher variation to build strength. that extra range of motion also calls for a fiercer burn so don't be fooled!🔥

to set up, make sure the bench your shoulders are supported on is just under your shoulder blades. your torso should be at a 45 degree angle against the bench. the second bench or box should be far enough so that when bridge up, your knee is at a 90 degree angle and does not go over your toes. place your heel on the second bench. engage through your core, push through your heel, and SQUEEZE YOUR GLUTES to bridge up. hold at the top for a second or two really focusing on that mind-muscle connection to your glutes.

make sure not to arch through your back to try to get higher! only lift as high as you can by just squeezing your glutes!

perform 3-4 sets of 12 each side.

reverse lunge to step up with knee drive

this combo is a great way to build single leg strength and stability.💪

using moderate to heavy weight dumbbells (a weight you can control!), start standing in front of a bench. perform a reverse lunge by stepping your left foot back. using the strength of your right leg, push through your right heel to drive your left knee up. from here, step onto the bench with your left foot and use the strength of your left leg by pushing through your left heel to drive your right knee up. step your right foot back down and repeat. MAKE SURE TO SQUEEZE YOUR GLUTES EACH TIME YOU STAND AND DRIVE YOUR OPPOSITE KNEE UP!

complete 3-4 sets of 8-10 each side.

glute-ham raise or nordic hamstring curls

this move is a tried and true glute and hamstring builder. literally one of my favorite exercises of all time!👏

If you have a GHD machine available to you, simply hook your heels under the pads to that your knees are at a 90 degree angle. keeping your core tight and making sure to SQUEEZE YOUR GLUTES and keeping tension on your hamstrings, lower yourself with control until your torso is at parallel. use the strength of your hamstrings to bring yourself back up.

If you don't have a GHD, you can perform the nordic hamstring curl to get a similar effect. simply hook your feet under a bench of have a friend hold your ankles as your lower yourself as controlled as possible. when you get to the bottom you can either push yourself back up or walk your hands back to lift yourself up.

perform 3-4 sets of 6

3 position mini band lateral walks (band around knees, ankles, then balls of feet)

now this one is really goin' to burn!🔥

take a medium strength mini resistance band and place it above your knees. get into a quarter squat position; keeping your chest tall and core tight, start taking wide lateral steps to the right. make sure you SQUEEZE YOUR GLUTES to keep your knees from caving in. once you've taken 20 steps, start taking taking 20 steps to the left. then move the band to your ankles and repeat the movement in each direction. finally, put the band around the balls of your feet. but this time instead of going into a quarter squat, keep your legs straight throughout the movement.

complete 1-2 sets of 20 steps each way.

you can do this two times a week and these can be performed as straight sets with about a minute rest in between each set, or as a circuit, completing each exercise one after the other with minimal rest for 3-4 rounds total if you're pressed on time, or want to up the challenge!💪🏼

thanks so much for reading today and may all the holiday candy go straight to le glutes!🍑

feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.💕

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