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It's a revolution!

as the movement against racial injustice continues to spread and grow from mass protests, painting #BlackLivesMatter in the streets in almost every major city, and brands posing changes to logos and titles due to their racist origins, the fight has made its way all the way down to our spice racks.

If you've been watching the news or scrolling through social media over the last month you probably have noticed a lot of buzz--and not the good kind--around Goya; the latin and caribbean food and condiment brand beloved by people of color everywhere.

that's because on july 9th during a press conference the CEO, Robert Unanue, was singing praises to Donald Trump. saying things like 'we're blessed to have a leader like president Trump', and he's 'an incredible builder'.


hold up!



the BIPOC community exploded! the current president's anti-immigrant rhetoric is far from a secret; including everything from separating children from their parents and putting them in border camps to diminishing the needs of the black and brown communities during the ongoing pandemic.

this one paragraph was enough to cause a national boycott of the Goya brand and its products, no matter how painful it might be since it has become a staple in latin and caribbean kitchens everywhere.

so, if you're anything like me, in times like these you probably find yourself being much more conscious about where you're putting your money and, who it's supporting.

but, while we may be boycotting, that doesn't mean we have to live a spice-less, flavorless life!


here are tasty alternatives from Trader Joe's to a few common Goya products:

black & refried beans

It's not a pantry if it doesn't have beans, am I right?

outside of being organic and fat free, respectively, these bean options from TJ's are also lower in sodium when compared to those from Goya.

(cue in our blood pressure singing praises here)

bonus point: they're cheaper too!

caldo de pollo (chicken bullion)

don't let the vegan title fool you, this seasoning packs the same chicken flavor punch as señor Goya over there while only containing five ingredients vs. the thirteen that Goya houses (perservatives, chicken fat, and anti-caking agents).

adobo seasoning salt

now, you want to talk about salt?

TJ's seasoning salt only has 90mg of sodium per serving vs. Goya's 360mg, all while boasting the majority of the same ingredients that makes adobo so damn delicious.

canilla long grain white rice

Canilla long grain rice has been a household favorite for it's fast cook times and while TJ's jasmine rice may take a tad bit longer to make, the end product is just as fluffy and soft.

mojo ready-made marinade

while TJ's may not have an EXACT replica of Goya's famous mojo, they do have something even better...pre-marinated meat in mojo!

the carne asada is marinated in the same ingredients that make up the mojo saving you the extra step of prepping yourself for when you're feeling a lil' lazy.

they even have an option for pollo asada too!

so, if you've been on the lookout for some replacements to fill your pantry with non-Goya products, I hope you found this post helpful.

happy cooking!

talk soon.đź–¤

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