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Updated: Jun 17

what's up everybody! I don’t know about you but every time I knew I was about to get a pedi the one thing that I was looking forward to the most was…that MASSAGE. <3

but why is that? I mean think about it, how many times do you come home after a long day at work hoping that bae was there ready and willing to rub your feet while you sipped on a glass of vino?

well it turns out that showing your feet some love does way more than just help you unwind. it has full body effects that can lead to overall wellness both physically and mentally; everything from preventing foot deformities from tight shoes, better balance, less back pain, better sleep, and even helping with depression. so what are some things you can do on your own to reap the benefits?

let’s dive in:

gentle enough to use daily

toe separators:

It turns out that they help more than just to make sure that you don’t mess up your toe polish. LOL! they actually help stretch out the tendons and ligaments in and around your toes which is really helpful in preventing bunions, corns, and hammer toe, all of which are caused from being in tight shoes that push your toes together for an extended period of time (I’m looking at you point toe stilettos!). there are ones out there that are specifically made for therapeutic purposes; they're usually made from silicone or gel like these ones from YogaToes (can be found on Amazon).

massage using circular motions.

massage ‘solar plexus’ of foot:

reflexology has been around for thousands of years, and basically what it does is breaks down your feet and hands into various points that represent different organs and regions of the body. the solar plexus is right in the center of the balls of your feet. massaging this with your thumb with medium pressure for a few minutes can help promote a feeling of overall ease and peace leading to better sleep and a happier mood. :)

roll out arches/pressure point holds on heel:

let’s face it; your feet take a beating every day. regardless if it’s from standing at work all day, going on a run, to a HIIT class, today's WOD, or walking around the city. all of this takes a toll after some time leading to not only achy feet, but also muscle imbalances throughout your lower body, decreased balance, and increased back pain. one of the simplest ways to help this is to use a golf or lacrosse ball and roll up and down your arches using moderate pressure followed by 5-10 second pressure point holds at your heel. this not only relieves tension but wakes up those little muscles on the bottom of your feet so they can better support the rest of your body!

stretch those suckers out!:

lastly, one of the biggest favors you can give your feet is to stretch them out just like you would stretch your quads after leg day. all you have to do is sit back on your heels with your toes tucked (make sure you get the pinky toe under there too!) and take deep breaths for about a minute or so. if this is too uncomfortable to start, you can modify by stretching them using your hands, taking your toes and pulling up towards you.

that’s all for today y’all! thanks for reading and hope these help put a smile on your face and feet.

if you have any questions, feel free to hit me up!

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