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Updated: Apr 7

oh the famous, and much looked forward to, 'spring cleaning'.

usually, around this time of year, there so much focus on decluttering. we deep clean our homes and cars, go through the pantry, finally sift through that old mail and throw out those coupons for 30% off at macy's that we had every intention of using but, forgot we had and, we now look only to see that it expired like a month ago, the list goes on... but when was the last time we actually took the time to go through our beauty cabinets and/or make-up bags?

Is it really cool to use that MAC lipstick that we've had since grad school?

and while the answer for that particular question is no, definitely not. that lipstick has no business goin' anywhere close to our face(s), there are in fact shelf lives for almost every beauty product we use, and sometimes they can differ greatly depending on the product.

now, the general rule of thumb is that it's ok to use beauty products for one to two years after opening. but the reality is that just about every container or packaging gives you a more exact answer.

If you look on the back of the container--where the ingredients are listed--you'll come across a symbol that looks like a little open can. In that can there will be a number followed by a capital 'm',. that symbol gives you the exact time, in months, we should use that product after opening. you can find that symbol on everything from makeup, to skincare, hair care, and even lip care.

so, what gives?

what happens if we use it after the date in the magical open can?

the product in it of itself will most likely still be safe to use but, after that date the ingredients (especially the active ingredients) begin to degrade, making it less effective and/or less reliable. you know...when that matte lipstick starts to dry your lips out, that foundation is mad cakey now, and that face mask just doesn't give you that post facial brightness it used to.

and what if we come across a product that doesn't have the all-telling can?

then what?

at that point, it's good to go by the general 'one to two years after opening' rule.

this, my ladies, is why it's incredibly important to make sure we're actually finishing things after opening them before just buying new ones. not only does that make sure that we're getting the most out of our products, but we're also doing our wallets a favor by only spending when we run out of something, or when it's time for a switch up, and keeping our bathroom vanities from becoming the cluttered, junk drawer that it has the potential to become as we collect, and hold onto everything.

thanks so much for reading today! I hope this post has been helpful as we are in the process of decluttering our lives from top to bottom. feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.

talk soon!💕

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