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with all the reports on the coronavirus, and the media making it out to be the next plague, hand washing and sanitizing as gone through the roof as people begin to take extra health and safety precautions.

shoot! even costco was sold out of hand sanitizer the other day!

but I digress...with the doubling (and maybe even tripling) of hand washing and/or using hand sanitizer compared to normal habits, you may have started to notice the skin on your hands is getting drier than it normally has. rightfully so, anti-bacterial soaps and sanitizers are filled with alcohol(s) that are very drying to skin.

If your skin gets dry enough, it can start to crack, that's because dry skin has less elasticity so it's more prone to tearing from pulling, friction, etc. and those cracks can be potential entryways for germs and bacteria thereby, possibly leading to illness and/or infection.

so in short, never underestimate the importance of having moisturized skin.

now, I work in a profession where I CONSTANTLY have to wash my hands. between working with sweaty athletes, practicing manual therapy and massage, having to help them when they're sick, and frequent air travel, etc. so, I wanted to leave you with some of my favorite hand soaps and lotions to help keep your hands clean, hydrated and healthy!

all of these use clean ingredients, so they're free of parabens, sulfates, and the like; to top it off, they're budget friendly--being under $10--and I know we all can appreciate that!

so here they are:

raw sugar simply hand wash raw coconut + mango

this hand wash has been in my bathroom(s) from quite some time now. It lathers up easily and cuts through dirt and grime pretty well, all while having a very pleasant scent. It's filled with organic aloe vera, olive, and jojoba oils so your hands feel clean, but not dry and/or tight.

love beauty and planet, soothing spa hand wash, argan oil & lavender

this hand wash is definitely relaxing because of the lavender and, it's filled with coconut oil and argan oil so it's very hydrating to your skin. It cleans dirt off easily but, I will say, if your hands are oily for some reason, you may want to double wash to get a deep clean as it sometimes has the tendency to not lather as well the first time as it cuts through the grease, but then, the second time it gets really soapy.

the body shop almond milk & honey calming & protecting hand cream

when I look for hand lotions I want something that really moisturizes but doesn't feel really heavy or leaves my hands feeling greasy and, this lotion does just that. a little goes a long way in regards to how much lotion you need use, and the hydration lasts, even if you use hand sanitizer later on, your skin still feels moisturized.

love beauty and planet shea butter & sandalwood hand cream

now with the main ingredient being shea butter, this lotion cream is definitely thicker than the one from the body shop but, even with that, it still goes on lightly so your hands don't feel oily. just like the body shop cream, a little goes a long way which is nice, especially when using it multiple times a day.

each of these have been linked if you're tryin' to avoid going to the store.


  • put lotion on while your skin is still slightly damp to lock in moisture from the water.

  • make sure you're not showering and/or washing your hands with STEAMING hot water which dries out your skin.

  • help hydrate your skin through your nutrition; making sure that you're drinking enough water and, getting adequate omega-3s, vitamin e, and healthy fats in your diet.

thanks so much for reading today. I hope that you haven't been personally affected by the virus and that you've found this helpful as you take extra precautions to stay healthy during this time.

feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.

talk soon!💕

P.S. here's my hand washing tutorial that I posted on IGTV last week that not only goes into detail on the proper way to wash your hands, but outlines WHEN washing your hands is absolutely essential.

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