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these past few weeks have been full of fun, sweat, and new PRs💪🏼 (gotta love that!). If you've been following my posts and stories on instagram you probably got spammed with all of workouts that made up this year's crossfit open as well as the gobbler gauntlet; a crossfit competition put on by northwest fit games that a of couple of women from my gym and I competed in as a team this past saturday up in salem, oregon. and even though I enjoyed every second of the open, and am blessed to have come out of the comp healthy and injury free, I would be lying if I said I didn't feel like a tin woman when I woke up this morning.😂


especially in my hips! so, for the sake of being able to move like a normal human rather than a dancing robot I definitely had to get to my yoga mat (or the empty room in my house that I call my 'yoga room'🙂) for a hip opening practice.

here are a few of my favorite yoga poses that I do to help free my hips from the bondage of lactic acid, tightness, and soreness. I encourage you to practice them when your hips are feeling locked up; either post workout, or even if you're just sore from life because, let's be honest, that happens sometimes too.

p.s. don't mind the volcano on my forehead. that time of the month is approaching and has decided to show its rage on my face.😡

low lunge with side reach

this is great to create space through your hip flexors.

start in a lunge position. tuck your pelvis underneath you by slightly engaging your core and lightly squeezing your glute (on the side that your knee is down). activate your pelvic floor by acting as if you're trying to draw your inner thighs together.

staying long through your spine reach up and over to the opposite side with your arm.

hold for 5-7 deep breaths before switching sides.

cobbler's pose

this pose is a gentle way to open up through your groin and outer hips.

start seated and bring your feet to touch. grab your feet with your thumbs at the arches and begin to peel them open like the pages of a book. use your elbows to gently push your knees down. stay long through your spine and lean forward, only going as far forward as you comfortably can, to deepen the stretch.

hold for 5-7 breaths.

yogi squat with open twist

building upon cobbler's pose, this is a deeper way to target those same muscle groups, and even mobilizing through the ankles a bit.

get into a deep squat with your elbows in between your knees. try to make sure that your feet are flat on the ground. staying long through your spine, let your hips sink in between your knees. use your elbows to push your knees out; from here place your right hand down and gently twist and reach with your left arm. make sure not to collapse through your chest, or round your back, as you twist and reach.

hold for 3-5 breaths before switching sides.

yogi side lunge

again building from yogi squat, but now getting deeper into the groin, and also the hamstring.

get into a deep side lunge with your foot flat on the ground and elbow inside of your knee. your hands can be at your chest or down on the ground for more support. make sure your extended leg is straight and toes pointing upwards, stay tall through your chest and let your hips sink towards the ground.

hold for 5 deep breaths before switching sides.

lizard pose

this pose can be as deep of a hip opener as you want it to be and that's why I love it.

start in a low lunge position. heel toe your foot until it is outside of your hip and your foot is at a 45 degree angle. come onto the outer edge of your foot and sink your hips to the ground. now, for a gentler version you can be up on your hands with your arms straight, but if you have the space and want to deepen the pose you can come onto your forearms like I am here. try to stay long through your spine and open through your chest (just like every other pose😂).

hold for 5-7 breaths before switching sides.

frog pose

holy groin stretch!! LOL!

start on all fours. spread your knees as comfortably as you can and let your hips sink towards the ground. make sure to keep your hips stay in line with your knees and your feet flexed up towards your shins. If you sit back on your hips it lessens the intensity of the stretch. stay long through your spine and just send your breath to your groin to let it soften and open up.

hold for 5-7 deep breaths.

pigeon pose with quad stretch

now this one is a double whammy; targeting your outer hip on one side while getting into your quad, hip flexor, and even chest on the other.

either coming from down dog or starting on all fours bring your right shin up towards your hands. again, staying long through your spine, and staying square through your hips, send your left foot back behind you while straightening your left leg. from here bend through your left knee and use your left hand to take a hold of your left foot to stretch through your quad.

hold for 5-7 breaths before unwinding and switching sides.

cow pose

this is probably the deepest of all the hip openers I've showed you so far. If you have knee pain this might be a bit much on your knees so please don't force it just for the sake of getting into the pose.

start seated. bring your right knee in front of you so that it's pointing straight head. stack your left knee on top of your right as best as you can. If you're really tight through the hips you may not get close to that and THAT IS OK! just meet your body where it's at. stay tall through your spine and open through your chest. make sure to keep your feet flexed up towards your shins.

hold for 5-7 breaths before switching sides.

I hope these poses help bring some freedom back to your hips so you can move with ease and comfort.

thanks so much for reading today and feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.💕

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