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Updated: Mar 28

what up ladies?

I think it goes without saying that these last few weeks have been one hell of a year, am I right?

with getting updates from our jobs, schools, and even the state and national governments at what seems to be hourly rates, it's inevitable that we have developed some strong emotions towards everything that's going on in the world today.

and I think it's important to first and foremost acknowledge those emotions and realize that they are valid, but what we can't allow to happen is let those emotions overrun our minds and lives.

one of those very strong emotions that I know all of us are feeling right now is STRESS.

between the chaos going on around us, learning how to adapt to a new way of life in quarantine for what could potentially be quite a while, and the uncertainty of when it will all end, stress is running a whole a** race through our lives at the moment.

now stress can have some pretty detrimental effects on our bodies if we don't keep it in check. some of which being, anxiety, high blood pressure, insomnia, headaches, and honestly, so many more.

one thing that for sure happens when we get stressed is our psoas muscles get tight.

picture credit: cleveland clinic

now you might be thinkin', 'out of all the risks of chronic high stress, why in the hell are you talkin' about a muscle?' but hear me out.

the psoas muscles (pronounced SO-as) are powerful hip flexors that originate at your spine and attach to your femur (thigh) bone(s). they affect your posture and stabilize your spine.

when sitting for long periods of time (like you may be during quarantine) they can get tight and cause low back and hip pain.

they also have connections to your diaphragm so they affect your breathing.

because of this connection, the psoas has a direct affect on how you repond to fear and excitement. 

so, when you're under stress your psoas contracts and tightens which can cause not only physical pain, but affect your emotions through its role in breathing; ergo, a tight psoas can change the way our bodies process and handle stress.

and let's be real, we can use all of the stress reducing, management, relieving tips, and whatever else you wanna call it right now.

now, what can we do to help relax our psoas in times of stress, prolonged sitting, or maybe both because oh I don't know, we're on a world-wide quarantine?

let's take a look...it's actually mad easy.

passive psoas release

normally, when we feel tight, we think we have to stretch, but not this time.

this postion is a very effortless way to relax your psoas.

the key is in the relaxing!

lay on the ground and place your legs up so that your hips and knees are both at 90 degree angles.

make sure you're not using effort to hold your legs up! completely relax; let your legs get heavy.

take BIG belly breaths for around five minutes or so and then gently come out of the position.

options for hand placement

here's where we'll take yoga principles of connection and focus on the breath to promote relaxation based on what you're feeling in that current moment.

arms by your side

feelin' like ya chest is tight? hard to take a full breath? like your posture just ain't right and your slouching?

lay with your arms by your sides, palms up and thumbs out. this exernally rotates your shoulders to bring openness to your chest.

make sure to keep your shoulders relaxed away from your ears.

with each breath, focus on the rise, fall, and expansion of your chest.

hand over heart and belly

or maybe you're feelin' scatter brained? like you can't seem to focus and just really need some grounding to start over.

place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly.

as you take deep breaths this connection to your hands will help bring your focus inward thereby giving you the capacity to hone in your wild thoughts.

I hope you've found this simple tip helpful as we learn to navigate these stressful times.

thanks so much for reading today. feel free to hit me up if you have any questions and please shoot me a message to let me know how this passive release treated you.

talk soon!💕

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