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Updated: Jun 17

hey ladies! hope everyone had a love filled valentine's (or galentine's) day!💕

mine was actually spent on a work trip, and let's be real... sometimes travel isn't the most peaceful of experiences, especially if you're traveling for work rather than a vacation. It definitely has the potential to throw your routine(s) out of wack from the food you eat, the hour you can get to bed, and sometimes even the amount of time you have to yourself to workout or read a book, etc....ya know, self-care.

I'm currently in a very heavy travel season for work and will be until june; being on the road every other week. with that comes long days and late nights, but one habit that I always try to keep consistent is waking up early to get a good sweat in.

while I don't always have the usual hour or so like I do when I workout at home, I try to keep it short and sweet, but intense, so I can be ready to go about the day feeling accomplished, replenished, and cared for.

so here's my go-to hiit style hotel workout inspired by crossfit, and targeted to burn dat booty! It doesn't require a lot of equipment (just a bench and a couple of dumbbells) which is nice when the hotels are limited in what they have available in their fitness room.

the workout itself only takes 20 minutes, so after warming up you'll be out the door in 30 minutes!

20 minute emom (every minute on the minute)

perform the movement listed then rest the remainder of the minute. when the next minute begins, perform the following movement, and so on.

minute 1: 10 (5/5) dumbbell split squats

use two moderate to heavy weight dumbbells.

get into a split stance with your back foot elevated on the edge of a bench. you want to make sure that your front foot is out far enough so that when you squat down your knee does not go over your toes.

lower into your split squat with control, keeping your core tight, chest up, and hips stable. push through your front heel while squeezing your glute of your standing leg to stand yourself back up.

repeat five times and then switch sides for a total of ten reps.

minute 2: 10 burpees

start standing.

plant your hands and hop back to a plank while simultaneously lowering your chest to the ground like a push up. press yourself up while hopping your feet up to meet your hands. stand and jump up.

option to modify: only hopping back to plank and removing the push up and/or removing both the push up and hops by stepping back to plank and forward to stand.

minute 3: 15 v-ups

start laying on your back.

engage your core to glue your lower back to the ground and extend your arms and legs.

use the strength of your core to lift your upper and lower body simultaneously to meet at the middle.

lower and repeat.

option to modify: bending at the knees instead of having your legs straight, and/or by placing your hands behind you for added support while you lift and lower.

minute 4: 20 dumbbell deadlifts

use the same weight dumbbells that you used for the split squats.

stand with your feet hip distance apart, dumbbells on either side of you.

hold the dumbbells so that one side of the bell is slightly angled downward.

keep your core tight and hinge from your hips (think sending your butt back), while keeping your back flat (you may feel a stretch in your hamstrings), bending slightly at the knee until the head of the bells tap the ground.

from the bottom, push through your heels and squeeze your glutes to bring yourself back to standing.

repeat all four minutes five times for a total of 20 minutes of work.

thanks so much for reading today! I hope you find this useful the next time you're traveling and want to get a quick sweat in with a lil' glute burn while you're at it.😉

talk soon!💕

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