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Updated: Apr 11

It's that time of year when we're back to our regular schedules. back on the grind, working full-time, enrolled in school, or maybe even working from home. and depending on what you do, it may require you to sit at a desk or at a computer for a long time.

prolonged sitting can have some harsh side effects on our bodies like tight hips, sore backs, poor posture, wrist pain, and even decreased circulation. so if you have the opportunity to move around every hour for a few minutes--it may not seem like much--you're doing your body a huge favor in the long run.

whether you do have the luxury to move around every so often or not, here are some fun, yoga inspired stretch combinations to give your whole body some lovin' so you can feel and move better through life!

multidirectional wrist circles:

start on all fours. with your fingers facing forward, palms down, rotate your whole body 3 times clockwise and 3 times counterclockwise, keeping your hands flat.

rotate your hands outward so that your middle fingers face off to the side and repeat.

and again with your middle fingers facing inward.

and finally with your fingers facing towards your body.

once this sequence is done, with bent elbows, flip your hands so your palms are facing up and your middle fingers are facing you. slowly straighten your elbows to comfort and repeat the circles.

unwind and shake out your wrists.

interlaced chest and upper back opener:

start seated in a comfortable position. sitting up tall interlace your hands in front of you with straight arms, palms facing away from you. as you raise your arms towards the ceiling, bring your chin to your chest. as you drop your arms, look up. repeat 3-5 times each way and then release.

from here, roll your shoulders back and interlace your hands behind your back. as you lift your arms away from your back, look up. when you bring them back to the small of your back, look down. repeat 3-5 times each way.

wide cobra to sweeping child's pose:

start laying on your stomach. extend your arms to either side and come up on to your fingertips. keeping your low back extended and hips/legs on the ground, inhale, roll your shoulders back, and lift your upper body while rotating to the right. exhale as you come back down and repeat on the left side. from there, inhale as you bring your arms in and exhale as push yourself back to child's pose. reach over to the right, and then to the left. come back to laying on your stomach and flow back and forth between these two places 3 to 5 times.

twisting hip opener:

start in a lunge position with arms raised. tuck your pelvis under you and slightly tighten your core. lightly squeeze your glute until you feel a stretch in your hip flexor. from here, lean and reach to the opposite side and come to a twist with your elbow resting on your opposite knee. unwind and repeat 5 times and then switch sides.

gentle lizard to open twist:

from an extended lunge position bring both of your hands to the inner edge of your front foot. come onto the edge of your foot and use your inner hand to push your knee further out. release your knee and flatten your foot. lift your back knee off of the ground and come into a big open twist. release your hand back down and repeat 5 times before switching sides.

bridge pose with alternating hip circles:

laying on your back with your knees bent and feet hip distance apart. tuck your pelvis underneath you until your lower back is flat on the ground. squeeze your glutes and push through your heels to lift your hips. only go as high as you can by ONLY squeezing your glutes. don't arch through your lower back to get higher. from this position lift one knee up towards your chest. make sure you keep squeezing the glute of the foot that's planted.

use the strength of your core and hips to keep your pelvis from dropping from side to side. make a big circle through your hip with your lifted leg, both clockwise then counterclockwise. bring your foot back down and switch sides. repeat 5 times on each side.

supine spinal twist with kick out and ankle circles:

laying on your back bring one knee in towards your chest. guide it across your body while trying to keep your shoulders grounded. take a breath here. DON'T force the stretch. let gravity do the work for you. then straighten your leg as far as you can comfortably. make a full circle with your ankle in both directions and then relax your ankle and re-bend your knee. repeat 5 times while remaining in the stretch then switch sides.

I hope that after you've completed these that you and your body feel more open and flowy!

thanks for reading and feel free to hit me up with you have any questions! <3

oh and I almost forgot! prolonged sitting can cause our glutes to shut down, and when they're not doing their job it causes other parts of our body to take up the slack. so check out my previous post on exercises to wake your glutes back up!

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