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Updated: Mar 20

ya girl loves shoes😍

It seems like as soon as halloween ended, and the clock struck 12am on november 1st, nothing else matters except christmas, and we're not even through thanksgiving yet! so naturally that must mean that gifting season is upon us!

sales are popping up everywhere for the sake of the holiday season. and while I'm on the look out for whatever 'x% off' and 'buy one get x' as much as anyone else, there's an app that can help up the savings to really help cut the cost of shopping for our loved ones, or ourselves💁‍♀️, any time of the year. and if there's one thing y'all need to know about me, I am ALL ABOUT tryin' to save money💸 'cause we're out here ballin' on a budget.😂

so I present to you... 👀*pause for dramatic effect*👀... RAKUTEN!💃🏽

rakuten, formally known as ebates, is an app (well, first a website) that has partnerships with tons of stores to provide certain percentages of cash back on your shopping costs (this does not include taxes or shipping fees). I've used it anywhere from macy's to sephora, and even siriusXM radio and norton anti-virus! percentages can range anywhere from 1% to 10% or higher. there are even some days where rakuten offers 'double cash back' and sometimes 'triple cash back' for certain stores. I'm ALWAYS keeping an eye out for that because then my sephora orders go from 4% cash back to 8% cash back!🙌💃

for the majority of stores, to get the cash back you must shop online through the website (which will create a plug-in for your browser) or through the app on your phone to 'activate' the cash back percentage. when you check out it will take anywhere from a couple of days to about a week for the money to show up in your rakuten account.

although it does require you to shop online most of the time to take advantage of this, there are some stores (to be honest, it's a decent amount) in which you have the opportunity to take advantage of 'in-store cash back'. so you register your debit or credit card in the app and, attach the stores that you may shop at to your card so that when you run your card at that particular store, rakuten recognizes it and (same as with the in-app purchases) will process the purchase within a few days and the money will show up in your account in the app.

now you might be thinking, "that all sounds great but, what's the process to get the money from this magical account to my wallet?"💵 well, there's a payment schedule. payments are made every three months and follow the purchase to payment schedule below:

you have to have a minimum of cash back earnings of $5 to get the 'big fat check' in that payment period. If it's less, it'll roll over to the next payment period. In all honesty, it's not that hard to get to $5, TRUST ME. you just GOTTA remember to use the app!

when I first started using the app, they would only send your cash back via mail in check form, but now you have the option of linking your paypal account so you can get the money in a more timely manner. because who doesn't love gettin' money faster? I know I do!🙋‍♀️

that's it for today y'all! I hope you found this helpful as we enter the serious spending season.

thanks so much for reading today and feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.💕

oh and...happy shopping!🛍🎁👠💄

I am not sponsored by rakuten in any way to rave about this wonderful app.😊

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