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Updated: Sep 5

with each passing day we're continuing to grow and adjust to the 'new normal' as everyone likes to call it:

living life outside of the house during the ongoing pandemic.

as we pick up the pieces, we're starting to venture out and enjoy little luxuries as doors of different businesses open up to invite guests into their spaces again.

one of those being the ability to step into a gym or fitness studio again after nth amount of months in quarantine, or maybe you feel inspired to try something new after the endless amount of zoom and at-home workouts completed since March.

here are a few key tips to consider about your gym or studio of choice as you make your way back to the sweat life out of our homes:


It goes without saying that disinfecting is KING during these times. so making sure that there are proper sanitation protocols in place before and after workouts is key. beyond that, inquiring about the protocols for cleaning common areas like the lobby, locker rooms, and even floors of the space are all essential to keeping everyone safe.

don't be afraid to ask ALL the questions!

sign-up policies

Is there the option to reserve your spot in advanced and are there caps in capacity to ensure that you can workout with a MINIMUM of six feet of space between you and the other person? further more, most states are putting limitations of capacity in relation to square footage of a certain space, is the gym/studio being compliant to those?

outdoor space

lets be real, states mandating masks being worn when working out indoors can be a complete buzzkill, although absolutely necessary. and while they may be required indoors, for the most part they aren't outdoors (so long as the minimum of six feet can be honored). and honestly, for some of us, the idea of being outside in the fresh air is just much more comfortable.

does the gym you're considering have the space for that to be an option? or is it hosting workouts at a nearby park or track sometime during the week?

now on to the non-COVID related considerations...


unless you're going to an LA or 24 hour fitness, most gyms and studios that specialize in a type of workout regime have a specific program that they follow. Is the program in place something that will give you the challenge that you're looking for while being able to handle it without breaking down or causing injury? Is it sustainable for you and your lifestyle?

I am a firm believer in trying gyms out for at least a week and going for as many times per week that I would go if I was a member to see how my body responds and recovers from the workout.


while classes have multiple people working out at a time (unless you lucked out that day and you're the only person to show up!) do you still get some one-on-one coaching at some point during the class? not only to improve and/or ensure technique of a specific movement, but sometimes encouragement to push the limit is what you need that day.

do the coaches pay attention enough to see what you have the potential to achieve and give you what you need to reach that potential, even if you can't see if yourself?

I had a coach that liked to sneak and add weight to my bar when I'm not looking because I'm making it look to easy and he knows I can lift heavier, even if I don't think I can, and before I know, I broke a barrier and the weight is lifted!


there's no doubt that working out with others can be much more fun than working out by yourself...if you're around the right people for you.

even more reason to spend at least a week at in a new gym is so you can get to know the people along side you during the workouts. do you vibe with them? do they encourage you and push you? Is there friendly competition?

I'm always one to look at the board with different people's scores (i.e the weight lifted and/or time it took for them to finish the workout) and use it as motivation to try to match or beat it.

virtual/at-home workout options

and finally... to be honest, some of us may not be feelin' the idea of stepping into a gym or studio just yet, so are there workouts in place for those whom still want to stay home? whether it be virtual zoom classes or, at-home programming with minimal equipment that mimic the in-gym workout as best as it can to ensure you still get a good sweat in your living room or garage? does the gym you're considering cater to people's different comfort levels of going about their fitness journeys since we are in fact, still navigating through a global pandemic?

that's all for today ya'll! hope this post was helpful if you've been considering get back in the gym as we continue to learn how to live in the midst of COVID-19.

talk soon!🖤

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